Classical Communications Ltd owns a substantial catalogue of classical and  nostalgic music recordings.
We own all the rights to these recordings, and so it is easy to clear them, via us, for use in your own projects. Audio files can be provided on disc or as mp3s, often within minutes of your request.
You can find details of the range of music we offer by browsing our consumer website,, or by contacting us with a request. But we own and have access to far more than we can currently list, so just ask us and we will do the research for you - and with luck, come up with a range of options. And in conjunction with our artists we have a unique ability to research and create atmospheric programmes and soundtracks which have an authentic air and, where needed, academic rigour.
Obsidian tracks have been used in many television programmes including the recent BBC production of 'Wolf Hall' and our wider catalogue has been used  in such diverse programmes as 'Time Team' and the 'Paul O'Grady Show'.
We are happy to license recordings from our catalogue for commercial, semi commercial or educational use. We will take applications for charitable purposes but there will be a nominal charge made to cover documentation.
Details of possible uses.
- synchronisation for a film or TV
- to produce a compilation CD for commercial sale
- as background music for a display/exhibition/presentation
- for educational use with a CD or book with extracts of music