Formed in 1993 by an organist and five wind players, members of QuintEssential have performed with some of the leading British period instrument groups, while QuintEssential has collaborated with vocal ensembles such as the Oxford Camerata, Concertare, the Choir of the Brompton Oratory and the Choir of the Chapel Royal at the Tower of London.
Participation in various early music festivals such as those in York, Beverley, Warwick & Leamington and Norfolk & Norwich and tours throughout Europe have ensured a growing and dedicated following for the group. The release of their debut CD In Venetia in 1998, to critical acclaim, will undoubtedly enhance their growing reputation as an inventive and expressive young period instrument ensemble.
In keeping with their philosophy to bring early music to as wide an audience as possible, QuintEssential have been highly active in an educational capacity through Yehudi Menuhin's Live Music Now! scheme. They have performed for all ages and abilities and brought music to those who might otherwise never experience it. Their rich and extensive knowledge of the historical and social importance of their unusual instruments adds a stimulating dimension to their programme and a high level of audience participation ensures an unforgettable experience.